Dutch flowers direct is a Dutch wholesale operation offering the highest quality of fresh cut flowers and potted plants from the growers and auctions in the

Unit 3
The Metro Centre
St. Johns road
Tw7 6nj

Telephone& fax no
0208 5 601645 /
0208 864 8116
Mobile 07859915743
www.dutchflowerdirect.co. uk

Fantastic cash and carry opening 22nd January 2008

at the Metro Centre in Isleworth opening 7 days a week.
We specialise in taking pre orders for any cut flowers for your wedding or funeral orders.
We provide
• Cooled warehousing ensuring optimum freshness
• Wide variety and highest quality of cut flowers and potted plants
• Pre order and delivery service
• Guaranteed lowest prices for highest quality
• Convenient location and long opening hours
• Van sales service available to sell flowers and plants to your doorstep